Episode 51 : Boner for President!

The partisan panties fly on episode 51! Jon has a headache, Diane and Jill eat candy, and Paul takes the day off to fill out his application for Bravo’s The A-List. News stories include 3 stories involving organ donation : Comedian Ricky Cisco’s selfless donation to a Facebook friend’s husband, a recipient contracts HIV from his donor, and a follow-up to a story previously discussed involving convicted sisters. Maine Legislators introduced a bill that if passed would loosen existing child labor laws. Also, the Supreme court overturned a ruling that would award a wrongly convicted man $14 million for his 18 years (14 of which were on death row) in prison. The DA (Harry Connick Sr.) withheld evidence that would prove his innocence. Finally, Chad Gibson, a man whose skull was fractured during the Rainbow Lounge raid in 2009, was awarded $400k from the city of Fort Worth.

Later, Jill pits Big Dick Hunter against Kelly Mohr-Close (of the Pugs and Kelly Show) in this week’s twitter face-off.

This week’s featured song is “When it Comes to You” by Dead Ghosts.

Stand-Up Comic Ricky Cisco Donates Kidney to Facebook Friend’s Husband

I follow some cool ass people on Tumblr, one of which being comedian Ricky Cisco. This dude cracks me up everyday. Today he became an inspiration.

A while back Cisco read a post from one of his facebook friends. The post read:

Wishing a Kidney would fall out of the sky so my husband can stop suffering. The doctors said it would take at least 5 years for a deceased kidney donor. So if anyone knows a live donor with Type O blood, PLEASE let me know.

Ricky responded and after a string of tests discovered he was  a match. In preparation for having to take months off of work to recover, Ricky set up a fundraising acct. to cover his living expenses, and through donations I am glad to report that he met his goal. This morning he and the man who needed the kidney, Jeffrey Kurze, went under the surgeon’s knife. I just learned via Kidney for Kurze that Ricky is out of surgery and doing well.

Secretly Timid wishes both Ricky and Jeffrey a speedy recovery.