Episode 174 : Girl Code


174Greetings one and all!

This week’s hot topics include:


This week’s featured song is Fix You Good by the Impossible Girl.


Episode 85 : Burning Down the House

Oh mah lord! 2011 is almost over! On today’s show Jon shares an embarrassing story, Paul plays with FaceTime, and Diane brings the humble.

Hot Topics include : A women burns down her friends house because her friend “un-friended” her on FaceBook, 11 luxury sports cars are totaled in a massive traffic pileup, a black college student’s display of the Confederate flag raises a few eyebrows, a condom manufacturer advertising campaign finds them sending men FaceBook friend requests from their unborn children, and an Indian snake charmer releases the cobras in a tax office.

This week’s featured song is “Whale” by Yellow Ostrich.


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Episode 79 : Lollipops and Armadillos

Happy Halloween Week!!! On today’s show Diane buys a house, Jon gets slow-rolled, and Paul and Danielle get older.

Hot topics include : a man with a 100 lb scrotum seeks money for surgery, a Ben and Jerry’s ice-cream flavor pisses off a humorless group of mothers,  an Irishman tries to turn his poo into gold (surprise, surprise…it doesn’t end well), a Texan woman is assaulted by a flying frozen armadillo, Miami bans the sale of “potheads” candy, a couple are caught having sex in a museum, and a new study shows a correlation between the amount of facebook friends one has and brain size.

Photo by Paul Bridgewater

This week’s featured song is “New Armor” by ANR.

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Stand-Up Comic Ricky Cisco Donates Kidney to Facebook Friend’s Husband

I follow some cool ass people on Tumblr, one of which being comedian Ricky Cisco. This dude cracks me up everyday. Today he became an inspiration.

A while back Cisco read a post from one of his facebook friends. The post read:

Wishing a Kidney would fall out of the sky so my husband can stop suffering. The doctors said it would take at least 5 years for a deceased kidney donor. So if anyone knows a live donor with Type O blood, PLEASE let me know.

Ricky responded and after a string of tests discovered he was  a match. In preparation for having to take months off of work to recover, Ricky set up a fundraising acct. to cover his living expenses, and through donations I am glad to report that he met his goal. This morning he and the man who needed the kidney, Jeffrey Kurze, went under the surgeon’s knife. I just learned via Kidney for Kurze that Ricky is out of surgery and doing well.

Secretly Timid wishes both Ricky and Jeffrey a speedy recovery.

Episode 26 : The Train Wreck Ending

What…………. a train wreck. The one time Jon didn’t wear headphones is the time Paul’s mic isn’t turned on. Luckily, his voice is so full of bass that it was captured on other mics-so it isn’t too bad, but I apologize and promise to always wear my headphones in the future. On today’s show the cast talks about Brett Favre’s penis, ESPN’s Body Issue, Facebook users top reasons for de-friending, a rise in UK married couples living in separate houses, and the Gap’s new logo (that didn’t last long). The cast also discuss a group protesting Abercrombie & Fitch and Brazil’s Google Maps controversy.

Today’s featured song is “Cracked Door” by Dove Hunter.

Episode 14 : What to do with a Bedazzled Bible

On this week’s episode the quartet discuss why parents hate parenting, passive-aggressive wedding presents, Facebook’s spotty customer service record, and alien contingency plans. Also, Jon wears a Diane themed shirt and Paul is on T.V.

The featured song for this week’s episode is “Hey Jimmy” by The Theater Fire.

Episode 13 : Bang Bang!

In today’s episode Jon, Diane, Paul, and Jill discuss a number of different news stories. These stories include the murder/suicide involving the mayor of Coppell,  GPS being used to stalk, irony at a anti-violence barbecue, and a chastity belt made for your man (def NSFW.) Also, Jon calls Jill the “D” word and Paul and Diane compare Facebook friend requests.

The featured song for today’s episode is “Smoke” by Liz Phair.