We All Live in a Coffin Submarine, A Coffin Submarine

This week on a very special Jonless & Sarahless episode of Secretly Timid, special guests Victor and Kevin (we don’t know either) assist us in discussing not 45 directly, but the ways in which 45 is affecting both the planet and ourselves. And hey, those Thai kids might be okay.  Maybe.
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This week’s featured song is “Doesn’t Matter” by Christine and the Queens



This week on a very special episode of Secretly Timid, Megs visits Switzerland, Otieno resurrects a guy, Jon considers making’ whoopie at work, Sarah drinks a Mango Rum Lassi (and Jon is confused); and super-special guests Shira and Aheri help us take a moment to feel the love.

This week’s Hot Topics include…well…last week was super rough…so the hot topics was all of THAT.

Photo by Dustin Schneider

This week’s featured song is “New Mexico” by Henry the Archer. Check them out at the Double Wide August 10th!!