Sister Dynamite (Quarantine Episode)

On this week’s quarantine episode, Jon and Megs talk about greed, remorse, and etymology.

Photo Credit: Denée Segall

This week’s featured song is Sister Dynamite by Alice Bag

The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 3, “Walk With Me” ~ A Secretly Timid Review

Part 1 : Synopsis – Andrea and Michonne are wandering around with their pets when they see this gnarly helicopter crash. With nothing better to do they go and investigate. UGH OH!! Some bad ass motherfuckers pull up. The ladies hide but are caught by Daryl’s brother Merle. Andrea passes the fuck out. Andrea and Michonne are taken to Woodbury.

The doctor with a beehive hair do cures Andrea of her sickness. The next morning the “Governor” (HBIC) has breakfast with Andrea and Michonne. Andrea drinks tea. Michonne gives “go fuck yourself” eyes. Andrea wants to stay in this creepy town while Michonne wants to get the fuck outta dodge. Later, the Governor and his thugs kill a group of National Guardsmen and take all their shit. The episode ends with the creepy Governor looking on at an aquarium full of decapitated zombie heads.

Part 2 : The Good –

  • Pacing – Episode 2 was such an action packed episode that we needed a breather. Plus, the writers did a great job of introducing a ton of new supporting characters.
  • Building  a Mystery – Woodbury is seemingly an oasis in the middle of shitty mc shitterville. This will lead to a many philosophical debates. It’s obvious something isn’t right about this place. Michonne sees it. Andrea does too…but she seems to be ignoring it. Would you turn a blind eye for living in comfort and safety? What would it take for you to take your chances on the zombie-filled open road?
  • Merle – Many people on the internet have posted that this is really our first introduction to Merle Dixon- because he was high as a kite in Season 1 Episode 2. I absolutely loved his interaction with Andrea.

Part 3 : The Bad –

  • Michonne – This is really our first look at this fan favorite character…so why does she have no lines? Don’t get me wrong; I love her wide array of looks. I understand her keeping mum around the Governor and the Woodbury folk; but I think this episode would have been strengthened with one scene with complete dialogue between her and Andrea in addition to the scene with the two walking in town. We need just a glimpse of who this character is…or she runs the risk of becoming a caricature which would be such a shame since nearly all the characters are so rich and deep.
  • The Tea – I’m over it already. It reeks of LOST.
  • Milton, the Science guy – Again…seemed like a caricature  Oh…the uber nervous, geeky  science guy. We haven’t seen him on TV before.
  • No Man Left Behind – Wait… you are telling me the Governor and his goons can take out a squad of trained soldiers. Really? REALLY????? So he saves the women and kills the men…hmmm.

Part 4 : Final Verdict –

I give this episode a 3.5 out of 5. It was a good episode, but I wasn’t feeling the super, secret lab.