Episode 110 : C and B

Merry Secretly Timid Tuesday, y’all. On today’s show, Danielle is injured, Jon is angered, and Paul takes photos of his food.

Hot topics include : A walker stabs himself and throws his intestines at the police, another walker eats his roommate’s brain and heart, a porn star walker flees to Europe (update…is arrested in Berlin), and a homeless walker attacks and tries to eat a baby. In non-zombie stories…a girl posts photos of money on facebook and her parents are robbed shortly after.

This week’s featured song is Marathon Runner by Yellow Ostrich, off their album, Strange Land.


* * *


Episode 85 : Burning Down the House

Oh mah lord! 2011 is almost over! On today’s show Jon shares an embarrassing story, Paul plays with FaceTime, and Diane brings the humble.

Hot Topics include : A women burns down her friends house because her friend “un-friended” her on FaceBook, 11 luxury sports cars are totaled in a massive traffic pileup, a black college student’s display of the Confederate flag raises a few eyebrows, a condom manufacturer advertising campaign finds them sending men FaceBook friend requests from their unborn children, and an Indian snake charmer releases the cobras in a tax office.

This week’s featured song is “Whale” by Yellow Ostrich.


* * *