Episode 111 : Happy Clam

On this week’s installment of Secretly Timid, Amanda Preston returns, Danielle’s loins burn, and Jon is all about the grammar.

This week’s hot topics include : hey, why not have your kid’s birthday party at a gun range?, an obese woman’s corpse sets a crematorium on fire, an artist turns his dead cat into a helicopter, and Gwyneth Paltrow pisses off twitter.

This week’s featured song is One Eyed Fool by Girl in A Coma. It’s from their album, Exits & All The Rest.



* * *



Episode 110 : C and B

Merry Secretly Timid Tuesday, y’all. On today’s show, Danielle is injured, Jon is angered, and Paul takes photos of his food.

Hot topics include : A walker stabs himself and throws his intestines at the police, another walker eats his roommate’s brain and heart, a porn star walker flees to Europe (update…is arrested in Berlin), and a homeless walker attacks and tries to eat a baby. In non-zombie stories…a girl posts photos of money on facebook and her parents are robbed shortly after.

This week’s featured song is Marathon Runner by Yellow Ostrich, off their album, Strange Land.


* * *


Episode 109 : Pie Hole

Hope you all had a great Memorial’s Day! On today’s show, Diane returns, Danielle’s loins burn, and Jon got it at Versace.

Hot Topics include : An Arizonian cat-eating woman is found with 64 animals, a maid in Singapore spikes her bosses coffee with her menstrual blood, a man is ticketed for not using his emergency break after his jeep plunges off a cliff, and a man is shot after he is found eating another man’s face.

This week’s featured song is “Home” by Half Brother. Check out their Tumblr and grab their EP off of Soundcloud!!

* * *

Episode 52 : Biplexual

Happy Anniversary to us! Secretly Timid turns 1 April 15th. On this week’s show Diane comes out as a biplexual, Jon is hungover, and Jill and Paul eat Easter candy. News stories includes a slut march in Canada, a man who was arrested for being naked in his home was finally cleared of charges, young men are mysteriously disappearing along the Canada/US border, and a company offers post rapture pet care. Later, Jill updates a previous twitter face-off and accepts a challenge from Jon.

photo by Michael Ann German

This week’s featured song is “Baby Don’t You Cry” by Fergus & Geronimo

Monday Nerdgasm : Zombies Ate My Neighbors


Think you can survive the impending zombie apocalypse? You know that shit goes down May 21st. To prepare I suggest you read this article from Wired.com. I agree, you should travel in a small group. I also think it wise to include at least one person you do not care for. Should it come down to a foot race you could always trip or sabotage him or her which could increase your chances of survival by at least 73 %.

Episode 34 : Plugged Holes

On this weeks episode of Secretly Timid the group discuss the Unicorn meat boycott in Germany, a controversial Atheist ad in Fort Worth, 5 things you love to discuss that no one cares about, a food recall, and The Walking Dead season finale. The group also act out a funny facebook fight between Jon and Mickey C from episode 9 and share a funny auto-tune tune courtesy of Paul (who is out sick).

This week’s featured song is “Marathon” by Tennis.

Episode 31 : Come on Ride the Plane

On today’s show the cast discuss kinnearing and pearl bracelets. They also discuss embarrassing questions some women ask their gynecologists and whether or not new airline security regulations are an invasion of privacy or necessary to make us safe. The cast also discuss AMC’s The Walking Dead eps. 1 – 3 and Dead Set. Thanks listener Jeff for the heads up!

Today’s featured song is “Monster Mae” by Marcella and the Forget Me Nots

Episode 29 : Four Loko

The cast welcomes the lovely and talented April Collie to the show on a cold, wet day in Dallas. Topics include a Republican candidate’s claim that Morgan Freeman provided the voice over on a political ad, British comedian Stephen Fry’s claim that women do not enjoy sex, a former Dallas Police officer being charged with excessive force and astrologer and psychologist Debra Silverman’s amazing youtube videos. The cast also experiment with Four Loko and discuss a recent study which claims that alcohol is the ‘most harmful’ drug.

Today’s featured song is “A Teenager in Love” by The Pains of Being Pure at Heart