Drive-Thru Democracy

We’re fed up with everything.

This week’s featured song is “All Nerve” by The Breeders

Teenage Negasonic Nuclear Warhead


Happy New Year!

On this week’s show, Jon, Megan, and Otieno talk about health supplements, killing your own dinner, and share some marijuana stories.

This week’s hot topics include the Logan Paul/Japan fiasco, the CDC planning for a possible nuclear strike, and the book, “Trumpocalypse,” which asks “whether God raised up President Trump as a fearless leader to guide America and the free world through a series of major crises as the biblical end-time narrative unfolds…”


This week’s featured song is “Sideways” by Lauren Ruth Ward


Whippets and Poppers

Happy Holidays!

On this week’s episode Regina, Megan, Jon, Otieno, and Ryan chat about drugs, sex, and Liza Minelli. NO POLITICS.

This week’s featured song is holiday favorite “It’s a Very Queer Christmas” by Erin McKeown

We Forgot To Talk About S-Town

On this week’s episode Megan really wanted to talk about S-Town. Naturally, we forgot to talk about S-Town. Instead, Megan, Jon, Regina, and Otieno talked about Al Franken’s resignation, Time Magazine’s person of the year, and yet another police officer acquitted for the murder of a citizen they are sworn to protect.

This week’s featured song is “Got That” by Gigi Rowe

Here Comes Your Man

On this week’s episode, Otieno is late, Megan is Yiddish, and Jon is a gold digger. Hot topics include…well…let’s be honest; the news has been real rough…so we talk about it for a bit and then talk about dicks.

This week’s featured song is “Ten Tables” by Goon


Zero Tolerance

On this week’s show, Regina, Megan, Jon, and Otieno share advice on how to discuss politics with family, and Jon reads some listener advice on the same subject. Later the quartet discuss whether or not Al Franken should resign following sexual harassment allegations, the Republican tax plan, Net Neutrality/FCC/Sinclair media, and Otieno watched Fox News so you won’t have to.

This week’s featured song is “Hawaiian Sucker Punch” by  Cab Ride Home

When Are The Dicks Coming?

Everyone is sick on this week’s episode of Secretly Timid (well…Megan is just allergic to cats.)

On this week’s episode, Jon, Otieno, and Megan discuss how nothing ever changes, gun control, the Republican’s tax proposal, Kim Kardashian’s Halloween costume, and the Republican’s reaction to the allegations of pedophilia against Senate hopeful Roy Moore. Later, Otieno discusses a story spread in some conservative circles which alleged Antifa was planning an all-out civil war this past November 4th. He also asks how our listeners to share how they would engage in conversation with someone who shares vastly different views. Please comment on our twitter, facebook, or instagram, or send us an email to [email protected]

This week’s featured track is “Police State” by Pussy Riot

Social D

On this week’s episode, Jon, Cindy, Regina, and Megan are joined by Jamie Matlock, founder of the nonprofit Austen’s Autistic Adventures. Jamie shares the nonprofit’s origin and answers the cast’s questions. Go check out the silent auction November 7th at Blue Mesa in Dallas!

Later, the cast further discuss the Weinstein fallout and answer the question, “What would you do if one of your friends were accused of sexual harassment or assault?”

This week’s Hot Topics include:

  • An undocumented teen immigrant has the abortion she sought for weeks
  • Should twitter ban President Trump?

Photo Credit: Eric Van Den Brulle

This week’s featured song is “FCK The KGB” by the U.S. Americans

Don’t Hand Me No Lines And Keep Your Hands To Yourself


On this episode of Secretly Timid, Megan suffers some grooming mishaps while Jon rehashes the circumcision debate.

This week’s hot topics include:

This week’s featured song is “Classics (Die Young)” by Roadkill Ghost Choir

Shame Bags

On this week’s episode Megan, Regina, Jon, Cindy, and Otieno discuss the ethical implications of implanting microchips in your children which swells into a discussion on the value of circumcision. Hot topics include the attempted terrorist attack in Asheville, North Carolina. Was race a determining factor on why it wasn’t widely reported? Then the cast discuss sexual harassment and the Harvey Weinstein fallout.

This week’s featured track is “Bad Boys” by Secretly Timid favorite, Cardiknox.