Casino Cruising, SB8, Conspiracy

We are back! This week’s podcast includes some hot casino action, some SB8 discussion, and a run in with a conspiracy theorist.

This week’s featured song of the week is Carry Me Ohio by Sun Kil Moon

Meetings, Feuds, Pap Smears, and Nitrous Oxide

On this week’s episode, topics include pointless meetings, the feud between Fat White Family and Idles, animal sex, nitrous oxide, and pap smears. Enjoy!

photo credit : Sarah Piantadosi

This week’s featured song of the week is Feet by Fat White Family

Wooly Mammoth, Elizabeth Perkins/McGovern, Vaccination Hesitation

On this week’s all new episode, Jon and Megs discuss the possibility of bringing the Wooly Mammoth back from extinction, continued vaccination hesitation, and a “is it Elizabeth Perkins or Elizabeth McGovern?” prop bet.

This week’s featured song is Call In Sick by Billy Nomates

Father Knows Best

This week’s show includes some difficult altercations, some bulge watching, some snitch talking, and some rage.

This week’s featured song of the week is Ain’t Nice by Viagra Boys

Vows of Deception

Topics include anti-vaxxin’, Greg Abbott, and TV Movies. Also, Megs helps Jon through a difficult altercation.

This week’s song of the week is Crying by Pom Pom Squad

Walking Phoenix

On today’s show, Megs and Jon discuss Lady G’s COVID status, The Fruit Cake Lady, Snacks’ heartworm treatment, and unruly airline passengers.

photo by Sam Gehrke

This week’s featured song of the week is Japanese Waitress by MAITA

Amish Voicemail

On this week’s extra special episode, Megs and Jon are joined by extra special and handsome guest, Yacob. Topics include Brad Renfro or Brendon Sexton III, Ryan Adams, and circumcision.

/Breaking News!!! We are doing something a little different with the featured songs of the week. From now on, the SOTW will be curated by either Megs or Jon. Megs is up this week, and her SOTW is “Your Dog” by Soccer Mommy. Enjoy!

Braid Your Hair

On this week’s featured episode, Jon shares his experience playing a World Poker Tour event. Megs and Jon also talk Bezos, Gates, and Pippi Longstocking.

Enjoy It Could Have Been Fun by Pip Blom

Balloon Knot

On this week’s podcast, topics include: Megan’s birthday party, the ringing of the lamb’s, Sleater Kinney, and gay slang.

This week’s featured song of the week is Running Up That Hill, by Car Seat Headrest

Funny Business

On this week’s special episode, Jon and Megs discuss caloric burn during sex, doms with dude-bros dialects, and never letting go.

This week’s featured song is Push Now by Southern Avenue