Episode 154 : Wu Tang Soup

154Welcome to episode 154! On this week’s episode, Jon says some racist stuff, Brian says some sexist stuff, and Nan says the “P” word.

This week’s hot topics include :

Beth HartThis week’s featured song is Bang Bang Boom Boom by Beth Hart. If you are local- hang out with Jon May 2nd and see Beth Hart live!


IAThis week’s podcast pimpout is Inappropriate Conversations. Check it out and let Greg fill your brain with all sorts of knowledge!



One thought on “Episode 154 : Wu Tang Soup

  1. Hi Secretly Timid!

    Just wanted to drop you a line to say hi and clear up a few things regarding Wu Tang Soup.

    Nan, first we will talk more pups and kitties as mine are a consistent source of ridiculous in our house. The mere fact that our Jumbo Kitty, Paw Paw, is all kinds of zaftig and wants to make biscuits on anyone who sits still long enough still makes me LOL everytime. Project Runway makes me sad. I kinda don’t care about the remaining “designers” and I kinda hope next season Tim and Heidi do what they suggested on Twitter, a whole season of Menswear challenges.

    *deep sigh*
    Jon…sweet, dirty, twisted Jon…
    We will just have to agree to disagree about the merits of Andrea. I don’t think she was a bad character and I think they did her character justice by writing her final scenes the way they did. Did I yell at the screen when she stopped trying to get the pliers? Absolutely! Did I want her dead? No. And she and the Gov’nah were sleeping together throughout her stay in Woodbury. It was implied that his bed was shared. So I dont think she slept with him just once more to try to kill him. She had feeling for him…even after she saw him as a nut job. She didn’t evolve to the point of “this MF is CRAZY” until later, when it was too late.
    I still love that your stories of singledom (drinking, debauchery, and massive amount of peen) rival Nan’s. I respect that.

    Speaking of debauchery, how is the increasing wave of poontang coming your way, Brian? Has being a podcast celeb helped or hurt?

    *waves to Danielle and hopes recovery is coming along smoothly*

    I’m sure you’ll be talking about a bunch of topics this week, but curious how you all feel about the Brad Paisley/LL Cool J song? Like? Dislike? Could give a shit?

    Until next week, have a great week!

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