Episode 162 : Ghetto Thangs

162It’s episode 162!! On this week’s episode of Secretly Timid, Jon talks about his drunken twittering, Nan discloses how she wants her teeth to be penetrated by drills, and Danielle talks about Dead White Zombies latest performance, T.N.B. (Show opens next Saturday, Dallasites should check it out!!)

This week’s hot topics include :

UG LoversThis week’s featured song is Au Pair by Underground Lovers.



2 thoughts on “Episode 162 : Ghetto Thangs

  1. Hi Hottie Jon, Nanalicious, Brian Harmapoonanny, and Homie Danielle!

    Was listening to your last show while working in the yard and embarrassing myself in front of the neighbors with burst of laughter, so thanks for that.

    Nan, I will trumpet the voices of the many people telling you to give The Walking Dead a chance. It does get better and once the characters are really established, you will love them, hate them, grieve for them, wish them a horrible death.

    Short aside…for the group, Battlestar Galactica is an even better series. If you didn’t watch it before, it is stunningly good.

    Jon, Thanks for the many pictures of the kitties on Facebook, and I hope the trip to the dentist won’t inhibit your ability to talk on the next episode. Take care of your teeth, Yo!

    Danielle, How good was the Cindy Sherman exhibit?!? Disturbing, haunting, twisted, and kinda fun. Thanks for the recommendation! Curious…did you get to see Shaping Sound (the dance troupe from So You Think You Can Dance) when they were in Dallas? If so, what did you think?

    Brian, I hope your back is better. If you are gonna have the gymnastic sex at your age, you need to stretch and hydrate. Nothing good can come from attacking the poon without preparation. ; )

    Love you guys. Have a great week!
    Joe in Dallas

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