The Show About Justin


J Locklear

On this week’s episode of Secretly Timid, Jon, Nan, and Brian interview actor/artist Justin Locklear. You may know him from his work, “The Show About Men,” with DGDG- or perhaps, “Pizzicato,” with our own Danielle Georgiou. Or maybe you are familiar with all his work with Ochre House. Perhaps you know his voice over work with Funimation? Maybe you’ve seen him in some commercials or music videos? Do you get the point? Enjoy the interview!!


M Lewis

This week’s featured song is Not a Mechanical Dance of Atoms by Marshall Lewis


Episode 162 : Ghetto Thangs

162It’s episode 162!! On this week’s episode of Secretly Timid, Jon talks about his drunken twittering, Nan discloses how she wants her teeth to be penetrated by drills, and Danielle talks about Dead White Zombies latest performance, T.N.B. (Show opens next Saturday, Dallasites should check it out!!)

This week’s hot topics include :

UG LoversThis week’s featured song is Au Pair by Underground Lovers.



Episode 161 : Do Me, Homie

161Whatup? On this week’s episode of Secretly Timid, Jon talk about a fight regarding Tim Tebow and plays a voicemail from listener RC from Madison, WI!!

This Week’s Hot Topics include :

emmaThis week’s featured song is Jungle by Emma Louise.