Episode 162 : Ghetto Thangs

162It’s episode 162!! On this week’s episode of Secretly Timid, Jon talks about his drunken twittering, Nan discloses how she wants her teeth to be penetrated by drills, and Danielle talks about Dead White Zombies latest performance, T.N.B. (Show opens next Saturday, Dallasites should check it out!!)

This week’s hot topics include :

UG LoversThis week’s featured song is Au Pair by Underground Lovers.



Dead White Zombies Present : blahblah

Hey folks, get on out and get some culture! There are only 6 (count em, 6) performances remaining of blahblah, a critically acclaimed show by noted playwright Dr. Thomas Riccio and his Dead White Zombie crew.

blahblah runs until May 28 over at the Green Zone (161 Riveredge Dr. Dallas, Texas 75207). Tickets are $15 for adult zombies and $12 for student zombies. All shows begin promptly at 8 p.m.

Alexandra Bonifield from the Dallas Examiner writes :

“Exhilarating live theater…

Resplendent with vivid ideas and colorful characterizations, an aboriginal archetypal ambience, along with clearly drawn, commedia-like characters, charming yet edgy, bizarre yet real…It bursts with imagery, concrete and fantastical.

2011 A Space Odyssey meets It’s A Wonderful Life in walkabout dream-time. Doors open unexpectedly, physically, metaphorically, virtually and otherwise….

It’s a State Fair Fun-house full of alarming kooks, raging cranks and mirrors of the soul.

The Secretly Timid crew will be attending next week’s performance. Wanna double date?