New Age Ninja

On this week’s episode, Jon discusses She-Ra and female assertion, Chris talks about the death of responsible food criticism and Steve Albini, and Megan educates us on Ninja shortages and the lengths to which one will go for a satisfactory piece of cake.

Some Links :

Japans Ninja Shortage 


The Waitress

photo credit : Vlad Sepetov

This week’s featured song is “Ask Me Anything” by Neil Frances

Sorry To Bother Your Rub n Tug

This week on a very special and Sarahless episode of Secretly Timid, Jon gets schooled about something that he has no interest in knowing about anyway (pssst…it’s vaginas), Megan talks about her fiery cave, and Otieno gets contextual….again.
This week’s featured song is, “Bisexual” by GRLwood

We All Live in a Coffin Submarine, A Coffin Submarine

This week on a very special Jonless & Sarahless episode of Secretly Timid, special guests Victor and Kevin (we don’t know either) assist us in discussing not 45 directly, but the ways in which 45 is affecting both the planet and ourselves. And hey, those Thai kids might be okay.  Maybe.
How about some links?
This week’s featured song is “Doesn’t Matter” by Christine and the Queens


This week on a very special episode of Secretly Timid, Megs visits Switzerland, Otieno resurrects a guy, Jon considers making’ whoopie at work, Sarah drinks a Mango Rum Lassi (and Jon is confused); and super-special guests Shira and Aheri help us take a moment to feel the love.

This week’s Hot Topics include…well…last week was super rough…so the hot topics was all of THAT.

Photo by Dustin Schneider

This week’s featured song is “New Mexico” by Henry the Archer. Check them out at the Double Wide August 10th!!


On this week’s Secretly Timid…Sarah gets stuck in a sex dungeon, Angela goes to training with a tattooed God, Jon navigates a Difficult Altercation, and Megan gets grabbed by the arm.
This week’s Hot Topics include: MS13, immigration/familial separation and Hot Dog Water in Canada.

photo by Jess Hao

This week’s featured song is “Ashes” by The She’s
PS! Check out Megan on an upcoming episode of the Porpoise Crispy podcast!

Special John

On this week’s special episode…Jon and Megan are joined by John from the Hoaries and the Porpoise Crispy podcast. This week, John has a revelation about  the range of choices available to adults, irrespective of quality, Jon has conversations about Trans people, and Megan sees the glorious repeat of a concert from 22 years prior.

This week’s Hot Topics include:

  • Chris Hardwick is accused of emotional and sexual abuse
  • A man is found guilty of attempted murder after trying to kill his wife not once…but twice.

This week’s song is Diet of Change from Hoaries. Check them out live, when they open for Joan of Arc at Main at Southside July 6th!

Agony and Eggplants

This week on a very special episode of Secretly Timid, despite being Jonless, Otieno & Sara are back and we acquire two other delightful guests with whom we discuss Texans saying something when they see something, the non-revelation that video games contain misogyny, and that Batman is a useless power fantasy.  Oh and apparently we have no idea how to operate our recording software, so yay editing?

Agony Game Trailer:

Texas launches mobile app to help people report suspicious activity

And Bee Yang.


Photo Credit: Daryl Darko

This week’s featured song is “Scorpion” by Grayceon

Feckless Yelp

On this week’s very special episode,  Jon gets put in Facebook time out, Megan is high-fived by a client and Chris goes to therapy…

This week’s Hot Topics include:

Puerto Rico

Photo Credit: Dale Bridges

This week’s featured song is “Ready, Set, Go” by Danielle Grubb

Digging For Peanuts

This week on a very special episode of Secretly Timid, we remain Sarahless but she sent us a comforting care package.  This comes in handy when Megan discusses how the government doesn’t care about your student loan debit and Otieno suggests there’s a concerted attempt to overwhelm the progressive US electorate with garbage data.  But hey, vote Blue ya’ll.  Seriously.  For now.

This week’s Hot Topics include:

Hypernormalization Excerpt:
The Christian Nationalist Blitz
Life Expectancy and Health Care Expenditure Over Time

Preview YouTube video HyperNormalisation 2016

Photo Credit: Emilio Mesa

This week’s featured song is “Wait for You” by Somogyi.
Please consider donating to her GoFundMe campaign to record her debut album. Support local music.

Penal Code

This week on a very special and Sarahless episode of Secretly Timid, men need to sit in time out for a while.  Seriously.  With special guest Chris Mosley

Texas shooting: Houston police chief ‘hits rock bottom’ on gun reform

Texas school shooter killed girl who turned down his advances and embarrassed him in class, her mother says

The mayor of Dallas had harsh words for President Donald Trump and the Republican Congress following the latest mass shooting in Texas.

5 Ways Modern Men Are Trained to Hate Women: Updated

Contact Congress about Net Neutrality!

Jordan Peterson, Custodian of the Patriarchy

UPS Headquarters Moves: