Episode 57 : The Pre-Rapt Party

Welcome to Secretly Timid’s pre-rapture party. The gang starts things off with a colorful discussion about iPhone for the visually impaired, Bin Laden’s porn cache, a 8-year old being injected with botox, Huckabee and Trump’s decision to not run for President in 2012, and (naturally) the rapture. News stories include a park in Massachusetts (not New York as Jon reported) which lamp posts are powered by doggie poo, a whisky-powered bio-energy plant in Scotland, cute little cat ear headbands powered by your brain, a kiss transmission device, and plans for a 4000 mph underwater train from New York to London.  EDIT*** Irish whiskey, NOT U.S. whisky has the extra ‘e.’ Jon was once again mistaken.

This week’s featured song is “Hamilton” by Big Scary

Big Scary, “The Big Scary Four Seasons”

Big Scary

The Big Scary Four Seasons

Official Website

Release Date : May 17, 2011

Available via iTunes




Indie duo Big Scary (Tom Iansek on guitars and lead vocals, Jo Syme on drums and vocals) latest LP, The Big Scary Four Seasons is a compilation of four previously released EP’s, Spring, Summer, Autumn, and (you guessed it) Winter. If the group were Texan there would be only two EPs, Summer and Winter, but I digress. Concept albums have a tendency for being hit or misses. This one, pun intended, is a hit.

[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/9239578″]

If you’ve read any of my previous album reviews you will notice me stressing the importance for an album to “flow.” Seeing as this is a compilation of four smaller concept pieces some jerkiness should be expected.

The album opens with “Spring,” a soft, sweet, cinematic and simple song. Iansek’s natural vibrato is set loose on the next track, “Hamilton,” a track which is reminiscent of mainstream acts like Coldplay and The Killers. “Gem in the Granite” combines Beatlesque melody with lovely songwriting. Iansek sings “You sent me spinning through the air. You read your books, I’ll read your lips. Gem in the granite, you were from another planet.”


The White Stripes meet Queen on “Tuesday is Rent Day” (video above), another standout track. Iansek and Syme’s duet on “Microwave Pizza” is perhaps one of the most special tracks on the LP. The lyrics mix melancholy and wit. It feels complete and (for lack of a better word or phrase) right. In my opinion, “Thinking about you” is the album’s most successful track. The track has depth and resonates…and works well as the final track before “Deep Freeze,” the albums atmospheric close.

If you are a fan of finely crafted, well executed songs, then Big Scary are worth checking out. The duo are currently in the studio recording their full length debut. Their debut album and U.S. tour dates are planned for 2012.