Episode 90 : Private Eyes

Happy Secretly Timid Tuesday! On today’s show, Jon is a racist, Diane got some “no-no” hair, Danielle wants to travel through time and PAUL PROMISED TO BAKE US A CAKE!!!! The crew rap about this dude-bro named Tebow and Jay Z and Beyonce’s offspring.

Hot Topics include : A new phone etiquette game may earn you a free lunch, a woman rubs her booty-hoe on a pricey work of art, a man uses his i-Pad to cross the border, and the White House denies the CIA teleported President Obama to Mars,

Photo By Shervin Lainez

This week’s featured song is “Which Side are you on?” By Ani DiFranco. Be sure to pick up the album, ¿Which Side Are You On?, when it drops January 17th!

Check out Ani and Melissa Ferrick performing the song for a rowdy Brooklyn audience below!



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Episode 57 : The Pre-Rapt Party

Welcome to Secretly Timid’s pre-rapture party. The gang starts things off with a colorful discussion about iPhone for the visually impaired, Bin Laden’s porn cache, a 8-year old being injected with botox, Huckabee and Trump’s decision to not run for President in 2012, and (naturally) the rapture. News stories include a park in Massachusetts (not New York as Jon reported) which lamp posts are powered by doggie poo, a whisky-powered bio-energy plant in Scotland, cute little cat ear headbands powered by your brain, a kiss transmission device, and plans for a 4000 mph underwater train from New York to London.  EDIT*** Irish whiskey, NOT U.S. whisky has the extra ‘e.’ Jon was once again mistaken.

This week’s featured song is “Hamilton” by Big Scary

Episode 34 : Plugged Holes

On this weeks episode of Secretly Timid the group discuss the Unicorn meat boycott in Germany, a controversial Atheist ad in Fort Worth, 5 things you love to discuss that no one cares about, a food recall, and The Walking Dead season finale. The group also act out a funny facebook fight between Jon and Mickey C from episode 9 and share a funny auto-tune tune courtesy of Paul (who is out sick).

This week’s featured song is “Marathon” by Tennis.

Episode 24 : Pumpkin

Happy fall everyone! On today’s episode Diane reports that the canned pumpkin shortage has come to an end. In unrelated news, atheists know more about religion than the religious, Cornell University introduces “gender neutral” facilities, and the group discusses what their last meal would be (in addition to debating capital punishment.)

This episode’s featured song is “Now What” by Quasi.

Episode 23 : The Fat Kid ‘Cast

On today’s podcast the quartet talk about the Texas State Fair and which fried food won the annual State Fair’s food contest. Paul then discusses other fattening food as well as what men really think when they say what they say.

Oh, and there is some tension in the group.

This episode’s featured song is “Beautiful Living” by the very talented singer/songwriter Lindsay Fuller. Please vote for her to win Seattle’s battle of the bands contest by clicking here.