Episode 61 : Basically Amazing

On this week’s show, Diane talks PhotoMojo, Jon talks Weiner, Danielle dances again, and Paul is planning a party. This week’s news blabber includes : one girl’s sweet sixteen is crashed by 1500 uninvited guests, roads closed in Georgia so that the zombies may walk, a California treasure hunter vows to find Bin Laden, Harold Camping suffers a stroke, a contortionist thief gets caught in Spain, and a Floridiot shoots her boyfriend through the heart…and are still together.

This week’s song is “Baby it’s your Life” by John Gold.

Episode 57 : The Pre-Rapt Party

Welcome to Secretly Timid’s pre-rapture party. The gang starts things off with a colorful discussion about iPhone for the visually impaired, Bin Laden’s porn cache, a 8-year old being injected with botox, Huckabee and Trump’s decision to not run for President in 2012, and (naturally) the rapture. News stories include a park in Massachusetts (not New York as Jon reported) which lamp posts are powered by doggie poo, a whisky-powered bio-energy plant in Scotland, cute little cat ear headbands powered by your brain, a kiss transmission device, and plans for a 4000 mph underwater train from New York to London.  EDIT*** Irish whiskey, NOT U.S. whisky has the extra ‘e.’ Jon was once again mistaken.

This week’s featured song is “Hamilton” by Big Scary

Episode 52 : Biplexual

Happy Anniversary to us! Secretly Timid turns 1 April 15th. On this week’s show Diane comes out as a biplexual, Jon is hungover, and Jill and Paul eat Easter candy. News stories includes a slut march in Canada, a man who was arrested for being naked in his home was finally cleared of charges, young men are mysteriously disappearing along the Canada/US border, and a company offers post rapture pet care. Later, Jill updates a previous twitter face-off and accepts a challenge from Jon.

photo by Michael Ann German

This week’s featured song is “Baby Don’t You Cry” by Fergus & Geronimo