Episode 57 : The Pre-Rapt Party

Welcome to Secretly Timid’s pre-rapture party. The gang starts things off with a colorful discussion about iPhone for the visually impaired, Bin Laden’s porn cache, a 8-year old being injected with botox, Huckabee and Trump’s decision to not run for President in 2012, and (naturally) the rapture. News stories include a park in Massachusetts (not New York as Jon reported) which lamp posts are powered by doggie poo, a whisky-powered bio-energy plant in Scotland, cute little cat ear headbands powered by your brain, a kiss transmission device, and plans for a 4000 mph underwater train from New York to London.  EDIT*** Irish whiskey, NOT U.S. whisky has the extra ‘e.’ Jon was once again mistaken.

This week’s featured song is “Hamilton” by Big Scary

C’est en faisant n’importe quoi qu’on devient n’importe qui

Last week my best friend posted a Rémi Gaillard compilation video on my facebook page. I was not at all familiar with Gaillard. He is a French humorist. If I wasn’t so afraid of jail I would buy me a costume and cause me a ruckus too. Check out “Pac Man,” “Mario Kart,” and “Butterfly” below.  Then, check out his official website by clicking here.