The Middle Part

On this week’s special episode, Jon is joined by three friends from high school. Conversations include approaching middle age, reflections on your twenties, plastic surgery, capital punishment, and Jeff Goldblum’s penis.

Photo Credit : Alexander Black

This week’s featured song is “What you Want” by They.


Scale of A-Lingus

ScaleofALingusOn this week’s episode, Jon and Nan are joined by Jeremy “Jermy” – a musical man. The trio talk about one woman’s social experiment, a new oil spill, capital punishment, a new measles outbreak, and a cool new gadget which will alert you if you have had too much to drink.


This week’s featured song is Addicted by JMSN


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Episode 66 : Death and Politics

 Happy Secretly Timid Tuesday Bois and Ghurls! This one is a little heavy. Jon starts things off by asking Diane and Danielle if they are cart returners or cart leavers (for shame Danielle, for shame!) Then Jon revisits an online discussion with a grammar-challenged bisexual with a penchant for typing in run-on sentences mumbo jumbo which leads to a delightful conversations on whether or not bisexuals are widely represented in popular culture it really hurts me to not place a period here or at least a comma but Diane you know she mentions Olivia Wilde’s bisexual character on House and Jon totally forgets John Barrowman’s lead character Captain Jack Harkness on Torchwood.

Later, Diane campaigns to get Kristin and Dannielle from Everyone is Gay to agree to a Secretly Timid interview.

Hot Topics include : a Garden Grove, Calif woman drugs her husband and proceeds to cut off his penis, a woman from Oklahoma attacks a woman who resembles Casey Anthony, a Muslim hate-crime victim asks a Tx court to spare the life of his attacker, and Rupert Murdoch apologizes.

photo by Marta Dymek

This week’s featured song is “Human Condition” by Jhameel. Don’t forget to download his album for free!!

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Episode 24 : Pumpkin

Happy fall everyone! On today’s episode Diane reports that the canned pumpkin shortage has come to an end. In unrelated news, atheists know more about religion than the religious, Cornell University introduces “gender neutral” facilities, and the group discusses what their last meal would be (in addition to debating capital punishment.)

This episode’s featured song is “Now What” by Quasi.