Episode 128 : Jalapeño Seed

Oh, mimosas. How we love thee.

On this week’s episode Brian Harmless joins Jon, Nan, and Danielle on a raucous show full of blunders and impalings.

Hot topics include : A girl is in hot water after auctioning off her virginity, Todd Akin is at it again,  a woman shoots her husband after he threatens her cat, and a man is arrested after he shoves a sandwich in his wife’s face.

This week’s featured song is Velvet Elvis by Alex Winston. Check out her album, King Con.


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Episode 95 : VD

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!! The show is just a true Comedy of Errors. We’re talking phone rings, bumpers running amok, and chords being unplugged left and right. We could edit all that shit out…but we believe that it is the flaws that make you beautiful.

On today’s show Diane is Between Here and Cool, Danielle is not easily offended, Paul apologizes to Alonso Duralde, and Jon wants to get tasered.

Hot Topics include : Whitney Houston passes away, women want to be beat by Chris Brown, being sleepy and drunk leads to creativity, a model with a 20 inch waist just lurves chocolate, and CPAC brings out the closet cases. Other topics include this past week’s The Walking Dead mid-season premier (SPOILER ALERT MOFO’S!!) and this coming week’s premier of Survivor and The Amazing Race.

Photo By Steve Gullick


This week’s featured song is “Sweet Sour” by Band of Skulls.

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