Episode 87 : Toys for Tots

Artist Andy Amato joins Danielle and Jon at the Cat studio on one rainy day. The trio tell ghost stories and make s’mores over an open flame. No…I lied. On today’s show an uncircumcised penis confuses Danielle, Jon hates Elton John, Paul races blizzards, Diane raises babies, and Andy will stick it…but not lick it. OH, and we leave the fine ladies over at the Greetings From Nowhere podcast a voicemail. It would behoove you to check out their show. OH, and Jon appeared on the From the Edge podcast. Check both of those shows out!

Hot topics include :  Neti Pot Deaths linked to brain-eating amoeba found in tap water,  escort offers ‘Toys for Tots’ discount to Johns, a high school prank causes the internet to yell, “INCEST!,” and the Duggars share a photo of their miscarried fetus.

This week’s featured song is “Silent Nights” by Scott Matthew with Sia.


Some Photo References :


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Episode 86 : Sexy Time

Beer! On today’s show Diane and Jon argue about coffee, Danielle gets an eye full, and Paul has a great eye for video. Later Danielle shares her evening of escort watching and Jon says he would strip to Melissa Ferrick’s “Drive,” and Paul helps Diane decide whether or not her daughter is old enough to attend The Nutcracker. 

Hot topics include : A nine-year old is NOT a good choice for a designated driver,  pole dances pushes bid to be an Olympic sport, a model/blogger loses her hand by an airplane propeller, a woman is charged in NJ’s man’s death from botched penis injection, a website promises to “find his porn,” and Jezebel asks, “Can you tell the difference between a men’s magazine and a rapist?”

This week’s featured song is “Major” by The Asteroids Galaxy Tour 

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