Episode 87 : Toys for Tots

Artist Andy Amato joins Danielle and Jon at the Cat studio on one rainy day. The trio tell ghost stories and make s’mores over an open flame. No…I lied. On today’s show an uncircumcised penis confuses Danielle, Jon hates Elton John, Paul races blizzards, Diane raises babies, and Andy will stick it…but not lick it. OH, and we leave the fine ladies over at the Greetings From Nowhere podcast a voicemail. It would behoove you to check out their show. OH, and Jon appeared on the From the Edge podcast. Check both of those shows out!

Hot topics include :  Neti Pot Deaths linked to brain-eating amoeba found in tap water,  escort offers ‘Toys for Tots’ discount to Johns, a high school prank causes the internet to yell, “INCEST!,” and the Duggars share a photo of their miscarried fetus.

This week’s featured song is “Silent Nights” by Scott Matthew with Sia.


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A Secretly Timid Interview : The 14+1 Art Collective

Danielle and Jon welcome members of the 14+1 art collective into the cat studio for what turned out to be a quite humorous performance piece in itself. Danielle pulled double duty as both interviewer and interviewee as she is also part of the 14+1 collective. Other guests include friend of the show Andy Amato, Hillary “Hilly” Holsonback, and Emily Loving.

The collective’s first gallery show, “HELLO” will open Saturday, September 10th from 5 – 8 p.m. for one night only!!! Check out this informative interview by Meg Fury of Pegasus news and cruise through the collective’s blog for more information on each artist and photographs of their work.

We hope to see you all this Saturday in the sexy design district –

1130 Dragon Street #110

Dallas Tx 75207

14+1 Collective include:

  • Frank Tringali
  • Paul Snelson II
  • Robin Myrick
  • Emily Loving
  • Hillary Holsonback
  • T.J. Griffin
  • Danielle Georgiou
  • F Kites
  • Sandi Edgar
  • Val Curry
  • Willie Baronet
  • Yaseen Benhalim
  • Andy Amato

P.S. Jon and Danielle apologize for the butchering of names and general buffoonery. Drugs and/or alcohol may or may not be to blame for such marbles. 

Episode 32 Supplement : Wish you Would/Uncertain Double Feature

Wish you Would (click to see the video)

p.s. I wish I knew how to add the actual video to this post.

Video starring Jon and Andy. Danielle stars as the waitress and April (from Episode 29) is the young mother in the parking lot. The cute little girl is Andy’s daughter, Persephone.

Another video we discussed, Uncertain you may see by clicking the hyperlink.

Thanks Luis Midence (the awesome director) for including us in your projects

Episode 32 : Gate Rape

Artist Andy Amato joins the cast once again on a special episode. Topics include Thanksgiving, The Walking Dead episode 4, a TSA pat down which leaves a bladder cancer survivor soaked in his own urine, a heroic dog accidentally being euthanized, a cruel al Qaeda terrorist plot, and narwhals. Yes, narwhals. Later Andy, Danielle, and Jon discuss the filming of Eric Himan’s music video “Wish you Would” which they filmed over the weekend. The video was directed by Luis Midence.

This week’s featured song is “Wish you Would” by Eric Himan.