When Are The Dicks Coming?

Everyone is sick on this week’s episode of Secretly Timid (well…Megan is just allergic to cats.)

On this week’s episode, Jon, Otieno, and Megan discuss how nothing ever changes, gun control, the Republican’s tax proposal, Kim Kardashian’s Halloween costume, and the Republican’s reaction to the allegations of pedophilia against Senate hopeful Roy Moore. Later, Otieno discusses a story spread in some conservative circles which alleged Antifa was planning an all-out civil war this past November 4th. He also asks how our listeners to share how they would engage in conversation with someone who shares vastly different views. Please comment on our twitter, facebook, or instagram, or send us an email to [email protected].

This week’s featured track is “Police State” by Pussy Riot

Pride48 Live 2016


Did you miss our live broadcast?? Well, here it is. Eamon, Nan, and Brian discuss the mass shooting in Orlando, Eamon’s new car, Nan’s visit to the Donald Trump protest, and the nation’s new rush for gun control.

Kikagaku Moyo

This week’s featured song is Kogarashi by Kikagaku Moyo



No One Watches TV in a Hurricane


On this week’s episode of Secretly Timid, Jermy catches everyone up to speed on his special clubs recent happenings. This week’s Hot Topics include :

This week’s featured song is Janus by Matt Kivel



Girls On Crack

I bet you didn’t expect to hear from us so soon! This week is  a stripped-down Secretly Timid, as only Brian and Jon are in studio. The duo discuss last week’s Benghazi special hearing, a new law in Texas that would allow Teacher’s to use lethal force in the classroom, and how “Texas” is now slang in Norway.

Jacky Winter

This week’s featured song is “Half of It” by Jacky Winter





Proud Daddy

proud daddyOn this week’s show, Jon, Brian, Jermy, and Jill discuss the increase in on campus shootings, Justin Bieber’s father’s recent tweets, Perez Hilton’s instagram, Ravon Simoné’s recent statements on the View, and how one college plans to protest the recent campus carry law.

NCurtainsThis week’s featured song is How to Survive the End of Time by Nervous Curtains 


Episode 145 : BigBlackSexBombHole

145Istanbul not Constantinople!

This week’s hot topics include :

TMBGThis week’s featured song is “Call You Mom” by They Might Be Giants.

SuccessFreaksThis week’s podcast pick is Success Freaks.


Episode 111 : Happy Clam

On this week’s installment of Secretly Timid, Amanda Preston returns, Danielle’s loins burn, and Jon is all about the grammar.

This week’s hot topics include : hey, why not have your kid’s birthday party at a gun range?, an obese woman’s corpse sets a crematorium on fire, an artist turns his dead cat into a helicopter, and Gwyneth Paltrow pisses off twitter.

This week’s featured song is One Eyed Fool by Girl in A Coma. It’s from their album, Exits & All The Rest.



* * *



Episode 47 : Girls Just Wanna Have Guns

…and by girls, we mean Diane. On today’s show Jill, Diane, and Jon chit-chat about guns on campus and Sarah Palin. News topics include this super-fun caravan of doomsday peeps (hopefully you don’t have big plans for May 21st), a flight attendant getting fired for placing a toddler in the overhead compartment, students being suspended (and in one case expelled) for writing that their teacher was a pedophile rapist on Facebook, a list of “ugly/hot” actors, and Cheaters invades a game of kickball. This week’s Twitter Face Off is between Charlie Sheen and Jill’s conscience.

This week’s featured song is “Young Throats” by Parenthetical Girls.