Episode 130 : Post Paul Partum

On this week’s installment of Secretly Timid, Nan and Jon discover they share something in common, and Danielle thinks men should be ashamed of their small penises.

This weeks Hot Topics include : a female cosplayer will not put up with bullshit, Illinois Rep Joe Walsh thinks that women no longer die during childbirth, doing gay porn doesn’t make Reese Rideout gay-but it does make his wife look miserable, and a Christian bookstore refuses to sell a book because of the word ‘vagina.’

Special thanks to Rueben Gonzales from the Mutant A Day podcast for chatting with us!!

This week’s featured song is I Have The Gun by Crime and the City Solution.


* * *

Episode 111 : Happy Clam

On this week’s installment of Secretly Timid, Amanda Preston returns, Danielle’s loins burn, and Jon is all about the grammar.

This week’s hot topics include : hey, why not have your kid’s birthday party at a gun range?, an obese woman’s corpse sets a crematorium on fire, an artist turns his dead cat into a helicopter, and Gwyneth Paltrow pisses off twitter.

This week’s featured song is One Eyed Fool by Girl in A Coma. It’s from their album, Exits & All The Rest.



* * *



Episode 76 : Window to the Soul

Now THAT is a flower. On today’s show Jon takes a teen to school, Diane steals a dog, Paul’s tire blows out and Matt Rox (from Don’t Tell My Wife I’m a Cult Leader) is our special guest co-host. The quartet discuss vaginal performance art, Occupy Dallas, and Judaism/Catholicism. Jon also doodles:

Hot Topics include : A plane gets stuck in a ferris wheel, a Starbuck’s barista writes “Bitch” on a customer’s cup, broken penis syndrome is karma for cheating husbands, drunk man steals an ambulance and crashes, and (to update a previous story) a young boy who lost his father to a tragic accident throws the first pitch at a Rangers game.

Thanks again to Matt Rox for hanging out with us. If you have yet to see the pilot episode of “Don’t Tell My Wife I’m a Cult Leader,” get your ass to the Kessler Theater October 15th!

This week’s featured song is “Boyfriend” by Best Coast.


* * *

Episode 49 : Hot Pocket

What is that sound? Why it’s the howling wind bashing against my single pane window. On today’s show (that was chock full of technical difficulties) Jill, Jon, and Diane gab about one Texas man’s new face, a gay porn company suing bit torrent thieves (what if this outs closeted teens?), and one woman’s amazing vagina. Seriously….54 bags of heroin….31 empty baggies, prescription pills AND $51.22? I think I know where we can find the lost ark, Indy. Oh, and check out this fun literal map of the world.

It’s a battle of SNL alum as Kevin Nealon takes on Steve Martin on this week’s Twitter Face-Off. Who will survive? Listen to find out.


This week’s featured song is “Honey” by Caleb Jude Green.