Happy Birthday, Devyn!!

A very special “Happy Birthday” to our number one fan, Devyn. We here at Secretly Timid hope you have a wonderful day. You are 21…so you must drink to excess and wake up in a strange place in a puddle of mystery fluid. Think of it as one of those “rights of passages.”

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Happy Birthday, Diane

Happy Birthday, Diane! We hope you have a great day! In lieu of gifts, Diane asks that you write a review of Secretly Timid over on iTunes. So you should do that, and leave a happy birthday comment below…because….you know, she is getting older and more sensitive.

Happy Birthday, Paul!

Today is Paul Tran’s Birthday. Let’s all wish him a happy one. Here is your horrorscope via Astrology.com :

You need to reach out to someone today, but you shouldn’t expect them to reach back — not at first, anyway! Your energy is best spent finding compromises and ensuring that the process is fair for all.

Well, I don’t know about reaching out…but I have a feeling you will be in some compromising positions tonight! Happy Birthday!!