Episode 58 : Boy’s Night

It’s boy’s night at Secretly Timid. Jon changes his inappropriate ways and Paul shares his favorite podcasts. The two then talk comic books and the season finale of Survivor, The Amazing Race and Celebrity Apprentice. News stories include Lars Von Trier’s Nazi speech at Cannes, residents at a Singapore apartment drinking corpse-tainted water, Canadian parents who are keeping the sex of their child a secret, and another woman hiding things in her lady flower.

This week’s featured song is “Go For the Throat” by The Elected.

Episode 49 : Hot Pocket

What is that sound? Why it’s the howling wind bashing against my single pane window. On today’s show (that was chock full of technical difficulties) Jill, Jon, and Diane gab about one Texas man’s new face, a gay porn company suing bit torrent thieves (what if this outs closeted teens?), and one woman’s amazing vagina. Seriously….54 bags of heroin….31 empty baggies, prescription pills AND $51.22? I think I know where we can find the lost ark, Indy. Oh, and check out this fun literal map of the world.

It’s a battle of SNL alum as Kevin Nealon takes on Steve Martin on this week’s Twitter Face-Off. Who will survive? Listen to find out.


This week’s featured song is “Honey” by Caleb Jude Green.