Episode 70 : Back to School Special

Jeremy Prince returns for another special episode of Secretly Timid. On today’s show the crew check in on Diane, Danielle gets accepted to Contemporary Ballet Dallas, and in irony news : Jon’s vampy high school bully makes a video for It Get’s Better. Hot Topics include : mayor for a day declares “Justin Beiber Way,” Kentucky man goes in for a circumcision and goes out minus a penis, a bridal shop refuses to sell a wedding dress to a lesbian, a Texas man attacks woman and claims to be a vampire, and the Japanese return 78 million in cash after quake.

This week’s featured song is “Poets and Philosophers” by Gray, the New Black.





Episode 25 : ‘B’ is for “Bully”

On today’s episode we learn that Diane is dirty and Jill gives her weekly “Pork Report.” On a more serious note, the cast discuss the gay teen suicide crisis, specifically the case of Rutgers University student, Tyler Clementi, whose roommate violated his privacy. The group also discusses the Assistant Attorney General of Michigan who is bullying and stalking a 21 year old college student. Also, a OU footballer shows his insensitivity in a tweet. In lighter news Chad Ochocinco makes a oopsie, a new study shows how cool our immune system is, and one woman’s cyber-sleuthing is A-MAZE-ING.

The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention is holding a special fundraising event called “Strides For Shauna” Saturday October 16th at the Best Friends Bar in Ft. Worth. American Idol Nikki McKibin is set to perform.  We urge you to click here to make a donation to a worthy and important cause.

Today’s featured song is “This Land is our Land” by Slim Cessna’s Auto Club