Episode 73 : Stalking A Vampire

Good Day to you, kind sir. It’s still blistering hot in Big D, lucky for us we have our double D’s (Diane and Danielle) to cool us off! On this week’s show Paul stalks a vampire, Danielle plays You Don’t Know Jack, Jon swears to never again say, “retarded,” and Diane leaves early. Hot topics include: An Angry Birds theme park opens in China, a bank robber posts incriminating photos on FaceBook, a woman calls her ex 65,000 times. a Swedish Elk loves getting fucked up, Serena Williams is up to her old tricks, and a Floridian vampire bites an elderly homeless man in the face.

This week’s featured song is “Polish Girl” by Neon Indian. Neon Indian’s latest album, Era Extraña, is out today! He is set to perform in Dallas at the beautiful Granada Theater Sept. 24th.



* * *






Episode 70 : Back to School Special

Jeremy Prince returns for another special episode of Secretly Timid. On today’s show the crew check in on Diane, Danielle gets accepted to Contemporary Ballet Dallas, and in irony news : Jon’s vampy high school bully makes a video for It Get’s Better. Hot Topics include : mayor for a day declares “Justin Beiber Way,” Kentucky man goes in for a circumcision and goes out minus a penis, a bridal shop refuses to sell a wedding dress to a lesbian, a Texas man attacks woman and claims to be a vampire, and the Japanese return 78 million in cash after quake.

This week’s featured song is “Poets and Philosophers” by Gray, the New Black.