2 Million Dollars


On this week’s episode of Secretly Timid, Danielle shares her latest dance performance as one part of Slik Stalkings for George Quarts. Later, Danielle, Brian, and Jon discuss the Supreme Court agreeing to Rule on Same Sex Marriage this year, President Obama’s tax plans, Justin Beiber being offered to do gay porn, a Muslim group meeting for peace faced protesters, Kevin Hart says he will not play a gay role because of what people would think, Ted Cruz’s father fights against equality in Plano, Tx, and (oopsies) that glitter bomb company didn’t know what it was in for.


This week’s featured song is “No Sudden Moves” by Dengue Fever



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Episode 71 : Touch A Butt’n

On today’s show the crew (minus Diane) discuss the VMA’s, Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark, and Jon shows Danielle a vagina diagram. Later, Jon rants about Bravo’s Most Eligible Dallas, celebs thanking Jesus and Vanessa Hudgens. Hot Topics include : Hurricane Irene brings sharks to the streets, Big Brother contestant receives death threats, bull semen closes down a highway, man steals an $800 sex toy, Indiana GOP claims he only wanted to talk baseball with the teen he met on CraigsList, GOP senator from Puerto Rico resigns following a Grindr scandal, and a boy dies after his parents deny him water as punishment.

This week’s featured song is “Caroline” by the Modern Tapes.


Episode 70 : Back to School Special

Jeremy Prince returns for another special episode of Secretly Timid. On today’s show the crew check in on Diane, Danielle gets accepted to Contemporary Ballet Dallas, and in irony news : Jon’s vampy high school bully makes a video for It Get’s Better. Hot Topics include : mayor for a day declares “Justin Beiber Way,” Kentucky man goes in for a circumcision and goes out minus a penis, a bridal shop refuses to sell a wedding dress to a lesbian, a Texas man attacks woman and claims to be a vampire, and the Japanese return 78 million in cash after quake.

This week’s featured song is “Poets and Philosophers” by Gray, the New Black.