Episode 77 : Occupy * FingerBlast

Good day, my fine, fine friends. On today’s show Jon shares his 4-point plan to winning the PodCast Awards general category. Then the crew calls up friend of the show (and editor of Carve Magazine) Matthew Limpede who shares his experience at Occupy Dallas.

This week’s Hot Topics include : a study shows that oral sex may be the leading cause of throat cancer,  MD’s get cranky on whether Phd’s deserve the title, “Doctor,” a burglar’s tip to police leads to a child porn bust, an Italian man gouges out his own eyes at mass, a breast implant saves lives, and an Ex-Model who ate her husband says that she “is not a monster.”

*Special note : This recording (and all recordings) are recorded on Monday. This week City Hall announced a deadline for the Occupy Dallas demonstrators to abandon their demonstration or face possible incarceration. They were also informed that they could be raided by police who will be searching for drugs. Last night the Occupy Boston demonstrators were raided by police. We hope our friends at the Occupy Dallas movement are safe and that what happened in Boston does not happen in our city.

This week’s featured song is “Fire” by Yael Meyer. Her album, Everything will be Alright, will be released November 15th.


* * *

Voting for the PodCast Awards begins tomorrow, October 12th. It would be awesome if you would head over to the PodCast Awards and vote for Secretly Timid. You can vote once every day.

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Episode 76 : Window to the Soul

Now THAT is a flower. On today’s show Jon takes a teen to school, Diane steals a dog, Paul’s tire blows out and Matt Rox (from Don’t Tell My Wife I’m a Cult Leader) is our special guest co-host. The quartet discuss vaginal performance art, Occupy Dallas, and Judaism/Catholicism. Jon also doodles:

Hot Topics include : A plane gets stuck in a ferris wheel, a Starbuck’s barista writes “Bitch” on a customer’s cup, broken penis syndrome is karma for cheating husbands, drunk man steals an ambulance and crashes, and (to update a previous story) a young boy who lost his father to a tragic accident throws the first pitch at a Rangers game.

Thanks again to Matt Rox for hanging out with us. If you have yet to see the pilot episode of “Don’t Tell My Wife I’m a Cult Leader,” get your ass to the Kessler Theater October 15th!

This week’s featured song is “Boyfriend” by Best Coast.


* * *