A Nugget of Truth

On this week’s show, Cindy has a difficult altercation, Jon has dreams of twitch, and Regina had a girls weekend.

Hot topics include:

PLUS! We answer some listener questions and recommend the following podcasts:

This week’s featured song is “Down On My Knees” by Kitty, Daisy, and Lewis.

Episode 53 : Trapdoor

Gelatin. On today’s show Jill, Jon, and Paul devour candy and discuss a variety of topical topics including : a 90210 landmark up for sale, Kobe Bryant fined $100k for calling a ref a gay slur live on ESPN, 6 very important things we are running out of, West Texas becoming more lonely, and the Department of Justice’s pressing the red button on online poker.

This week’s featured song is “Stuck in my Id” by Reptar.