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​This week on a very special episode of Secretly Timid, Megan still hasn’t gotten any dick pics but only as a matter of semantics, Jon gets a cold sore from a CPR dummy, Otieno is apoplectic about intellectual dishonesty and Sarah counsels us all through it.


photo by Cal Quinn

This week’s featured song is “Holy Ghost Blues” by Silas Nello


Episode 165 : Pride 48 Live 2013

165Did you miss the live show? We got you!

On this very special live episode, Jon, Nan, and Danielle chatted it up with the chat room.

Hot Topics include :

Thank’s so much to Pride 48 for allowing us to participate. We can’t wait to meet you in Las Vegas!!!



Episode 63 : Wrap It Up . . .

Greetings. Jon and the Double D’s are in the cat studio. At the top of the show the trio discuss Diane’s second place marathon finish and Jon’s second place finish in a poker tournament. News stories include : Florida teens may sext without fear of becoming felons, a Plano teacher claims not all “sex with student” stories are equal, a porta-potty peeping tom is caught, new apps allow for covert recording, a woman dies at her own funeral, a fired IT guy gets revenge, live bullets are used in a wild west show, and the TSA sinks to new lows. Later, Jon discusses his disgust with Dr. Phil (much to Diane’s chagrin.)


This week’s featured song is “Witches and Snowmen” (a Snailhouse cover)  by Maritime

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