Episode 80 : Fill Her, Buster!

Hope you all aren’t too candy-filled! On today’s show Danielle, Paul, and Jon talk politics which prompts Jon to resurrect his Eric Cantor impression. That guy is such a douche.

Hot topics include : A man calls police and claims his hookup is a burglar (because his girlfriend was home), a man is on a mission to masturbate in every Starbucks in NYC, a kindergartner beats up his teacher, a church Halloween event bans ‘cross-gender’ costumes, and the TSA has a blog.

This week’s featured song is “Movin’ On” by Josh Rouse and the Long Vacations


* * *


Episode 63 : Wrap It Up . . .

Greetings. Jon and the Double D’s are in the cat studio. At the top of the show the trio discuss Diane’s second place marathon finish and Jon’s second place finish in a poker tournament. News stories include : Florida teens may sext without fear of becoming felons, a Plano teacher claims not all “sex with student” stories are equal, a porta-potty peeping tom is caught, new apps allow for covert recording, a woman dies at her own funeral, a fired IT guy gets revenge, live bullets are used in a wild west show, and the TSA sinks to new lows. Later, Jon discusses his disgust with Dr. Phil (much to Diane’s chagrin.)


This week’s featured song is “Witches and Snowmen” (a Snailhouse cover)  by Maritime

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Episode 35 : X Offender

Burrr….it’s cold outside…

On today’s episode of Secretly Timid the gang focus on faith and security. News stories include The Phelps clan’s Elizabeth Edwards funeral protest, whether or not this baby is cute or creepy, and further discussion on last weeks atheist bus-o-rama. We also discuss one filthy apartment and one man’s peculiar huffing choice, Equality Texas’ newly released polls, a NC teen’s death and TSA security flaws. Oh, and the gang play a game called “Guess who lives near the most sex offenders.” Paul won. P.S. Jon graduates Saturday and kisses academia goodbye.

Today’s featured song is “Devils” by Say Hi.

Episode 32 : Gate Rape

Artist Andy Amato joins the cast once again on a special episode. Topics include Thanksgiving, The Walking Dead episode 4, a TSA pat down which leaves a bladder cancer survivor soaked in his own urine, a heroic dog accidentally being euthanized, a cruel al Qaeda terrorist plot, and narwhals. Yes, narwhals. Later Andy, Danielle, and Jon discuss the filming of Eric Himan’s music video “Wish you Would” which they filmed over the weekend. The video was directed by Luis Midence.

This week’s featured song is “Wish you Would” by Eric Himan.