Shame Bags

On this week’s episode Megan, Regina, Jon, Cindy, and Otieno discuss the ethical implications of implanting microchips in your children which swells into a discussion on the value of circumcision. Hot topics include the attempted terrorist attack in Asheville, North Carolina. Was race a determining factor on why it wasn’t widely reported? Then the cast discuss sexual harassment and the Harvey Weinstein fallout.

This week’s featured track is “Bad Boys” by Secretly Timid favorite, Cardiknox. 


His Pain, You’re Gain

Happy Fourth of July!

On this packed episode, Regina, Cindy, Otieno, and Jon are joined by special guests Erin and Megan. The gang discuss intimate grooming habits, Cindy’s “difficult altercation”, Trump’s various mental issues, and Big Brother. Later, the gang enter into a spirited debate regarding Multnomah County, Oregon Republicans hiring of various militia groups as private security.

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This week’s featured song is “Fuck With You” by Cardiknox

Post Apocalypse

post apocalypseOn this week’s episode, Nan, Brian, and Jon welcome the newest member of the Secretly Timid team, Faith Malimba. Topics include reactions to last week’s assault following a peaceful Black Lives Matter protest which resulted in the death of five police officers, the deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile by police, racial bias, and fallout from the Hillary Clinton e-mail investigation.


photo by Jared Chambers

This week’s featured song is Wild Child by Cardiknox 






This week it’s just me! I rambled about all sorts of stuff like commercial, oil pulling, and Law and Order : SVU.

This week’s Hot Topics include:

CardiknoxThis week’s featured song is Wasted Youth by Cardinknox



Jon, 1. Everyone else, 0.



Brr. It’s cold outside. But it’s warm inside. 🙂

This week’s Hot Topics include:

cardiknoxThis week’s featured song is a WET remix of Technicolor Dreaming by Cardinknox


Episode 177: Troll

TROLLS - 1992It’s Secretly Timid Sunday. I’m hungover. That’s all you get.

Hot Topics:

technicolor_medresThis week’s featured song is “Technicolor Dreaming” by Cardiknox