Episode 131 : Fighting or Fisting?

Welcome to episode 131!!! On this week’s show, Jon get’s drunk and Nan makes special guest (and new regular cohost) Brian Harmless super uncomfortable.

Hot Topics include : A carjacker gets high, defecates in a cop car and eats his own finger, a woman fakes a hate crime, a firefighter rigs his ex’s dryer to explode, and a cop had plans to murder and eat over 100 women.

This week’s featured track is Sweet Potion by Hanks and Cupcakes.

This week’s episode included a PSA by the one, the only, Mr. Mike Lawson. Head over to BigBlueTest.Org to participate!

Episode 109 : Pie Hole

Hope you all had a great Memorial’s Day! On today’s show, Diane returns, Danielle’s loins burn, and Jon got it at Versace.

Hot Topics include : An Arizonian cat-eating woman is found with 64 animals, a maid in Singapore spikes her bosses coffee with her menstrual blood, a man is ticketed for not using his emergency break after his jeep plunges off a cliff, and a man is shot after he is found eating another man’s face.

This week’s featured song is “Home” by Half Brother. Check out their Tumblr and grab their EP off of Soundcloud!!

* * *