Episode 131 : Fighting or Fisting?

Welcome to episode 131!!! On this week’s show, Jon get’s drunk and Nan makes special guest (and new regular cohost) Brian Harmless super uncomfortable.

Hot Topics include : A carjacker gets high, defecates in a cop car and eats his own finger, a woman fakes a hate crime, a firefighter rigs his ex’s dryer to explode, and a cop had plans to murder and eat over 100 women.

This week’s featured track is Sweet Potion by Hanks and Cupcakes.

This week’s episode included a PSA by the one, the only, Mr. Mike Lawson. Head over to BigBlueTest.Org to participate!

Episode 130 : Post Paul Partum

On this week’s installment of Secretly Timid, Nan and Jon discover they share something in common, and Danielle thinks men should be ashamed of their small penises.

This weeks Hot Topics include : a female cosplayer will not put up with bullshit, Illinois Rep Joe Walsh thinks that women no longer die during childbirth, doing gay porn doesn’t make Reese Rideout gay-but it does make his wife look miserable, and a Christian bookstore refuses to sell a book because of the word ‘vagina.’

Special thanks to Rueben Gonzales from the Mutant A Day podcast for chatting with us!!

This week’s featured song is I Have The Gun by Crime and the City Solution.


* * *

Episode 112: R@p3 Shower

Welcome to another fine episode of Secretly Timid. Danielle has food poisoning!! Oh NO! But don’t fret, Amanda Preston is in studio…and she brought a friend name J.M.! All that and Paul is back from his week sabbatical!

On today’s show, Jon and J.M. share some embarrassing self-love stories. Jon, J.M. and Amanda share high school stories (they went to the same one), and Paul brought cookies!

Hot topics include : a man in Oregon catches the bubonic plague, and a squid impregnates a Korean woman’s mouth.

P.S.~ Sydnie Montgomery has her own podcast! Check out “Gramblings.” Oh, and Paul had a blast with the fine guys from Mutant-A-Day, and visions of our shows copulating populate our most moist dreams.

This week’s featured song is R.I.P. Burn Face by CocoRosie, off the album, Grey Oceans.


* * *