“You’re cute, but…”

youre cute butWelcome to the first show of the New Year!! On this week’s show, Danielle and Jon are joined by Jill. The trio recap their holidays and talk about “The Real World.”

This week’s Hot Topics include


141203-canopiesThis week’s featured song is Choose Yer Own Adventure by Canopies



Episode 72 : Drinking The Kool-Aid

Umm, yeah, hi, on today’s show, Jon doesn’t know how to make Kool-Aid, Danielle’s work is in a gallery, and Jill wear’s flowers in her hair. Hot Topics include Dancing with the Stars, a man arrested for having sex with neighbors pool raft, virgins get in free to a festival in China, a Canadian pot-brownie mix-up leads to a barrel of laughs, and prosecutors seek new trial in the killing of Lawrence King.

This week’s featured song is “Anna Sun,” by Walk The Moon. *****On The Show Jon said that Walk The Moon would play w/The Kaiser Chiefs at The House Of Blues in Dallas Sept. 20th. Kaiser Chiefs rescheduled that show for a later date.

But have no fear! The sexy band that is Walk The Moon will play with Fitz and Tantrums at the House of Blues October 26th, 2011. Rejoice!!



* * *


Review: Ryan Adams & the Cardinals, III/IV


III/IV, the latest offering from the ever-prolific Ryan Adams and his phenomenal band The Cardinals, was actually released back in December only in mp3 or vinyl formats, and made available as a double-CD a short time later. I’ve just recently gotten around to listening to it, which is unusual for me, a pretty devoted fan, but I’ve been a little busy these days. As for whether I regret this slight delay, well… kinda.

Adams’ penchant for paying musical homage to his influences is evident here as always. I tend to prefer when his records hearken to the Grateful Dead (Cold Roses) or Hank Williams, Sr. (Jacksonville City Nights), and I most certainly did not get my way here. Much like earlier his solo records Rock and Roll and Demolition, III/IV doesn’t reach quite as far back, instead echoing Tears for Fears and even The Knack in the musical equivalent of the ’80s skinny jeans and high-tops at Urban Outfitters. The vast majority of the songs on III, and more than half on IV, blend together in a reverb-y tribute to music that was popular about six years before I got into popular music. (Which makes sense, considering Ryan Adams is six years my senior.)

Within the minority, though, a few gems appear: “Typecast” (IV) the made-for-college-radio duet with Norah Jones, and “Ultraviolet Light” (III), which opens with a riff straight out of Led Zeppelin’s similarly-titled album, IV, and doesn’t disappoint. And as always, Ryan Adams shines brightest when back in touch with the alt-country roots that put him on the map as the frontman for Whiskeytown. “The Crystal Skull” (III) and “Death and Rats” (IV) showcase that side of him enough to appease those of us who could do without the Ramones-influenced majority of both records.

Given my obvious bias in favor of Adams’ alt-country work, and general sense of underwhelm toward all things early-’80s, it may not be fair for me to pronounce III/IV as mostly “blah.” After all, it’s a Ryan Adams album, so the default setting is Not That Bad. However, I’m concerned that a perfect storm of culture-wide ’80s nostalgia, Adams’ tendency to produce new music about ten times faster than the average rocker, and his bizarrely mismatched marriage to pop waffle Mandy Moore, all contributed to this less-than-stellar release. Again, though: Ryan Adams record = always better than average. III/IV, though: just barely.

Grade on the Ryan Adams Scale: C+
Grade on the Rest of Music Curve: B+

Highlight of Jill’s Summer (And Possibly Diane’s, Too)

The RaceTrac Freefill Cup is easily one of the best things that has happened to me this summer.

This little plastic vessel has been a minister of love and harmony during the long, hot days of June and July in Texas. For only $6.99, I have scored the ability to help myself to unlimited refills of soda and frozen drinks through Labor Day weekend. In return, RaceTrac has secured every tank of gas I have purchased in that same time (and that’s a lot of gas, since I’m teaching summer classes 30 miles from my house!). Additionally, the big RT has benefited from my recent addiction to Reese’s Pieces and ReeseSticks, which I purchase exclusively in conjunction with Freefill stops. I suspect I have eaten my weight in those things this past month.

Moments after we recorded Episode 12, Diane was also initiated to the sacred fellowship of Freefills. We enjoyed 22 oz. each of (Diet) Dr Pepper in the RaceTrac parking lot, and marveled at our ability to “go out for drinks” in such a fun and thrifty manner. At last check, D had already gotten double her money’s worth out of the deal, and RaceTrac nabbed at least one fill-up of her trusty Buick.

Thus, I salute you, RaceTrac, for your brilliant marketing ploy. While in previous summers I distributed my love of carbonated beverages amongst your competitors (64¢ 32oz. drinks from QuickTrip, $1 drinks at McDonald’s, and Sonic’s half-price Happy Hour), my patronage has now focused exclusively on your fine establishment. I am fully aware of the consumer-corporate exchange at work here, and perfectly at peace with it. I would buy gasoline anyway; I would consume dentally-nightmarish quantities of Dr Pepper anyway. You have claimed my business and my heart. At least until September 6.