City and Colour : “Fragile Bird” Music Video


Check out the video for City and Colour‘s, “Fragile Bird,” directed by Michael Maxxis.  Little Hell drops next week. Pre-Order the album via iTunes or Amazon and be on the lookout for our review. If you have any questions for City and Colour, email them to [email protected]! While you are at it, go ahead and download the single, “Fragile Bird.”

Episode 32 Supplement : Wish you Would/Uncertain Double Feature

Wish you Would (click to see the video)

p.s. I wish I knew how to add the actual video to this post.

Video starring Jon and Andy. Danielle stars as the waitress and April (from Episode 29) is the young mother in the parking lot. The cute little girl is Andy’s daughter, Persephone.

Another video we discussed, Uncertain you may see by clicking the hyperlink.

Thanks Luis Midence (the awesome director) for including us in your projects