Aaron Swartz, Take Two

In Episode 142, “Disgruntled White People,” we discuss the death of Aaron Swartz. And, for my part, I did it poorly. This isn’t completely my fault. Most all of the eulogies being published focus a disproportionate amount of time discussing the federal case against him, which many (including his family) are blaming for his death. And the federal case is what we ended up focusing on in our discussion.

It was a good debate, but missed the point, which is that a by-all-counts brilliant and troubled young man killed himself. And that is too bad. I don’t mean this to be judge-y, but it is hard to see it as anything other than a tragedy. It is tragic that he could not find the relief he needed to make his way out of his nightmare.

Anyway, I wanted to post a link to a much more fitting eulogy, from his friend, Cory Doctorow. “Aaron had an unbeatable combination of political insight, technical skill, and intelligence about people and issues. I think he could have revolutionized American (and worldwide) politics. His legacy may still yet do so.” And this:

I don’t know for sure whether Aaron understood that any of us, any of his friends, would have taken a call from him at any hour of the day or night. I don’t know if he understood that wherever he was, there were people who cared about him, who admired him, who would get on a plane or a bus or on a video-call and talk to him.

Read the full thing here.

Mr. Peppermint/Leif Ericson/I’m a Hard Workin’ Dog

On Episode 45 the cast mentioned 3 different gems from their childhood. Diane mentioned Mr. Peppermint.

Jon mentioned “Leif Ericson,” a music video which was featured on Encyclopedia, a children’s show which aired on HBO.


Jill remembered the song “I’m a Hard Working Dog” from Sesame Street.


Episode 32 Supplement : Wish you Would/Uncertain Double Feature

Wish you Would (click to see the video)

p.s. I wish I knew how to add the actual video to this post.

Video starring Jon and Andy. Danielle stars as the waitress and April (from Episode 29) is the young mother in the parking lot. The cute little girl is Andy’s daughter, Persephone.

Another video we discussed, Uncertain you may see by clicking the hyperlink.

Thanks Luis Midence (the awesome director) for including us in your projects

Episode 8 Supplement : We’ll See…

The following videos were referenced in Episode 8:

Woman gives thief a sick suplex!

Cross dresser beats up punk!

Bear Gryll gives himself a bird poop salt water enema

Sarah Silverman has a plan

The following music clips were included in Episode 8 :

“Leader” by Bif Naked

“Rebel Girl” by Bikini Kill

“I Can’t Go for That” by The Bird and the Bee

“Dance, Ten; Looks, Three” performed by Jessica Lee Goldyn from A Chorus Line

Check out this video of her performance.

***Featured Music for Episode 8***

“Accomplice” by Nervous Curtains, a great band from Dallas. Check out the link for upcoming shows!