Are You There

On this week’s PANDEMIC episode of Secretly Timid, Megs discusses a product called, “Come and Gone,” and Jon lets go of a receipt.


This week’s featured song is, Are You There, by Psychic Love Child

You’ll Be Mine

Sorry about the audio this week. This is what happens when you don’t double check your settings. ALWAYS DOUBLE CHECK YOUR SETTINGS! If you don’t you’ll be recording your audio from the laptop mic and not through the expensive mixer.

This week’s episode features returning guest Erin. Topics include loss, viruses, and accidental altercations.

This week’s featured song is You’ll Be Mine, by The Psychedelic Furs

Nada Pedro Problem

Welcome to the new BI COASTAL TEXAS PODCAST!! On this week’s episode, Jon and Megs are live from FT Worth, Texas! Topics include the joys of moving, the blandness of Leonardo DiCaprio, and the Coronavirus (AKA COVID-19).

This week’s song of the week is So Much Love by Nada Surf

Skeleton Key

On this week’s podcast, Megs and Jon discuss Bernie Sanders, Poker, sickness, music festivals, and the shady practices of some lending institutions.

This week’s featured song of the week is Skeleton Key by Mark Lanegan

Hey You

On this week’s episode, Jon and Megs are joined by returning guest, Ryan. The trio discuss blue lives matter, self-fulfillment, and itchy skin. Later, they play a super fun getting to know you game!

This week’s featured song is “Hey You” by Katy J Pearson

Beat The Heat

On this week’s show Jon and Megs discuss Christmas,getting older, and the church shooting at White Settlement.

This week’s featured song is, “Beat the Heat,” by Human Potential

Sweet Piece of Meat

On this week’s extra special episode, Jon and Megs talk about meat.

This week’s featured song of the week is “Sweet Piece of Meat” by Patriarchy


Miss us?

This week’s topics include fake teeth, squirting, MAGA, aggressive drivers, real estate, etc. etc. etc. Does anyone read this?

This week’s featured Song of the Week is, “Rattle” by Imani Coppola