Project Runway Episode 4: Tie the Knot

Pro Run 4Jon, Nan, Brian, and special guest Christopher Bragg talk about Project Runway Episode 4.

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Project Runway Episode 2 : Million Dollar Runway

2Jon and Nan talk about episode 2.


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Episode 157 : Frank Sinatra is Dead. HA. HA.

157Hello friends. On this week’s episode, David Z fills in while Danielle is at rehearsal.

Hot Topics include

BRMCThis week’s featured song is Let The Day Begin by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club





Episode 151 : People Be Trippin’



151Happy Secretly Timid Sunday, Y’all! (Or Monday) (Or whenever you choose to read this or hear us).

On this week’s show Harmless is still out of town, Danielle has an allergic reaction to something, Nan decides not to wear deodorant, and Jon feels the need to defend Walking Dead’s Andrea.

This week’s Hot Topics come courtesy of Greg, Alexi, Joe, and Mindy! Yay for them!! The topics discussed include :

skyThis week’s featured song is Featherlight by Skye




This week’s podcast pick of the week is I Can’t Believe I’m a Loser. Check em out!


Episode 126 : Twin Peaks

Howdy, y’all. On today’s episode, the crew discuss some stuff and Delylah looks cute.

Hot topics include: A woman finds out her husband was her father, an Iranian woman attacks a cleric after he criticizes her fashion sense,  makelovenotporn tackles sex education for the modern American, and a New Hampshire Sheriff Candidate vows to use deadly force to stop abortions.

This week’s featured song is The Burden of Being Liked by Texas’ own, Jack with One Eye. Hop on over to their bandcamp page and check out some other tracks!

* * *




Episode 120 : Dummy Pills

It’s Nina Simone day on Secretly Timid! On this week’s show, Jon can’t pronounce “Ndegoecello,” Nan has a noisy fish whistle, Danielle sneezes, and Paul keeps it classy.

This week’s hot topics include : a woman has fingernails where her hair should be, and these police officers go way too far.

This week’s featured song is “Be My Husband” by Meshell Ndegoecello (featuring Valerie June). You should preorder the album,Pour une ame souveraine (For a sovereign soul) – A dedication to Nina Simone.


* * *

Episode 119 : XX

It’s Secretly Timid Tuesday, y’all, and boy what a show do we have for you. On today’s show, Danielle tells us about meeting her beau’s family for the first time, the crew put the kibosh of the Chick-Fil-A debacle, and the crew finally talk about Project Runway.

This week’s Hot Topics include : a 17 -year old builds an artificial ‘brain’ that can detect breast cancer, a young woman lifts a BMW off her father and saves his life,   and a Children’s Hospital in London has a very awesome rule.

This week’s featured song is “That’s Still Mama” By Cody ChesnuTT. It’s from his soon-to-be-released second full-length album, “Landing on a Hundred.” Check out his Kickstarter campaign. Check out his debut album, The Headphone Masterpiece.


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